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Drohobych city in Lviv region.
St. George church. 16th-17th c.c.


Tours across the city:
  1. ACROSS THE OLD CITY. Tha main attraction of Lviv - Lemberg is the beautiful ensemble of medieval Old City included in the UNESCO List of Cultural Heritage. The Lviv tour guide (me :) ) will show You picturesque cathedrals, churches and abbeys, old dwelling houses and fortifications, sculptures and bas-reliefs. They represent unique features of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque styles, reflect the interplay of local and foreign artistic traditions in Lviv - Lemberg and Galicia. During conducted tour the Lemberg tour guide will help You to learn many interesting, reliable and humoristic facts. You will have a good day!
    And the centuries would speak to You ... (3 hours). CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE.
  2. REVIEW TOUR OF THE CITY. And You would get to know the immortal soul of Lviv... (4 hours)*
  3. LVIV - THE REFUGE OF TRAVELLERS. During conducted tour in Lviv the tour guide shows You old Armenian blocks in Lviv. The abode of encient travelling nation, bringing to Lviv the aroma of remote lands and cultures, the colours and flavours of the East and the West. (2 hours). CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE.
  4. THE LYCHAKIV CEMETERY. And You will realize the will to complete here, in Lviv, the life... CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (2.5 hours).
  5. LVIV IN AUSTRIAN EMPIRE: 1772-1918. In the late 19th - early 20th c.c. Lviv - Lemberg was the capital of the autonomous province of Halychyna - Galicia. At that period Lemberg was intensively developing as one of key business, representative, productive, cultural, military centres of Austro - Hungarian Empire. The modern central part of Lviv - Lemberg was formed at that time. It was lucky to survive WW1 and WW2.
    Conducted tour in the central part of Lviv - Lemberg helps You to see magnificent buildings of banks, palaces, casino, theatres, dwelling houses. They represent unique features of Classic architecture and Secession (architecture of austrian Modern) and reflect the unfading beauty of "grandma Austria" enbodied in stone, metal, glass and ceramics. CONTACT WITH GUIDE. (3 hours).
  6. CATHEDRALS & ABBEYS. During excursion in Lviv the tour guide enables You to see the refinement and spirituality of architecture, the infallible sanctity of faith, the undefeatable strength of fortifications ... Main objects of conducted tour in Lviv: Bernardine and Dominican monasteries, the monastery of Barefooted Carmelites, St. Klara and Benedectine convents; Latin, Armenian and Jesuit cathedrals, St. George cathedral; the churches of Virgin Mary Assumption, St. Nicklas, St. Onyphreos, Transfiguration of the Lord, Paraskeva Good Friday, Virgin Mary of the Snow. CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (3.5 hours).
  7. UKRAINIAN LVIV. Old churches, abbeys, museums, different buildings and other monuments of Ukrainian heritage in Lviv. The conducted tour round the objects of Ukrainian cultural heritage includes the ancient Pidzamche area (Northern part of the City), Old City and the present-day centre with St. George cathedral. CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (4 hours).
  8. JEWISH HERITAGE IN LEMBERG. The tour includes medieval Jewish blocks of the Old City with the ensemble of the fragments of Golden Rose synagogue and the 18-19th c.c. buildings; Jewish blocks of the pre-WW2 period with several survived or rebuilt synagogues, dwelling houses, former buildings of Jewish business, cultural, religious, educational, health protection institutions; objects of former WW2 ghetto; Shoah Memorial at the place of Janiv concentration camp. CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (5 hours).
Dobromyl city in Lviv region. St. Basil monastery.
Lviv region. St. Martin Cathedral. 16th c. Belfry-defensive tower.

Tours across Lviv region:

  1. THE GOLDEN HORSESHOE OF LVIV: During excursion the tour guide enables You to see Renaissance castles–museums (fortified manor-houses) of Olesk, Pidhirtsy and Zolochiv; Baroque monastery of Plisnesk and the ramparts of the city of Kyiv Rus period; fortified Univ monastery of the 16th – 18th c.c.; the Monument of the Bolshevik First Cavalry Army (attacked Lviv in 1920, during the Polish - Soviet War); military cemetery of WW2 (Brody pocket, 1944). (8 hours).* CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE.
  2. OLD ZHOVKVA: Guided tour provided by the tour guide shows You an “ideal” Renaissance ZHOVKVA city of the 17th c. (the ensemble of a castle, cathedral, monasteries, churches, fortified synagogue, old dwelling houses, city fortifications) – WW1 Military cemeteries - Krechiv monastery (fortified abbey of the 17th c. with wonder - making springs) - the cave in Stradch village. CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (7 hours)*.
  3. BRILLIANT POCHAIV LAVRA (MONASTERY): During excursion the tour guide will show You Beautiful abbey of the 18 - 20-th c., one of the most appreciated Ortodox monasteries of former Russian Empire, unique for it's holiness, history and architecture; guided tour also includes visiting of Pidhirtsy castle-museum of the 17-18-th cc. and secluded Plisnesk monastery of 13-18-th cc. CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE. (7 hours)*
  4. UKRAINIAN BORDERLAND: You will see unique places of interest of the old cities and villages, situated in the North - West part of Lviv oblast, on the present-day Polish border - refined palaces of the Potocky family in Chervonograd (Kristinopyl) and of the Lantskoronsky in Tartakov, magnificent cathedrals in Variazh and Ugniv, medieval church and defensive sinagogue in Sokal, renovated townhall and picturesque Jewish cemetery in the ancient Belz and many other remarkable objects. Unfortunately, most relics are not in the best condition now, but even half - ruined and deserted objects make unforgettable impression! (9 hours)* CONTACT WITH THE GUIDE.
  5. MILITARY CEMETERIES OF THE 20-TH C. During guided tour in Lviv oblast the tour guide will show You picturesque military cemeteries of WW1 and WW2 (7 hours)*
Other excursions of Lviv city and round Lviv museums (Armory Museum, Pharmacy Museum, China and Furniture Museum, History museum, etc) are available, guided tours of Galicia - Halychyna, Volyn and Podillia regions (Pochaiv Lavra Monastery, Cossack museum in Berestechko city, Kamenets-Podilsky and Chotyn, etc). * Transport means are necessary for the excursion (marked by asterisk).

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